House Guest Artist # 22 World of Turmoil

Where art and tattooing collide creating fantastical illustrations

We proudly welcome Dutch artist Rutger Termohlen and his World of Turmoil into our DENHAM House as our 22nd House Guest Artist.

The World of Turmoil

Known for his graphic style, a crossover of traditional tattoo icons and cultural art history, Rutger is a pioneer in his field. He began forming his unique graphic style through graffiti before going on to study art and becoming a tattoo artist.

Rutger is endlessly fascinated by different cultures and the Roaring Twenties, he uses various mediums, from large-scale paintings and prints, to create stories of compliments, contrasts and contradictions.

Together with DENHAM, Rutger reimagines our iconic scissor logo through his lens, creating colourful, graphic illustrations that reflect his eclectic world. Traditional tattoo symbols, from the swallow to the snake, are present, with our scissor logo and his favourite colour, pink, coming together to create bold, exciting illustrations printed onto t-shirts and sweatshirts.

His work always carries an underlying humour that reflects Rutger’s positive character and charm. With an artistic flair for the bizarre and abstract, together with fun, goodwill and a sense of optimism, he believes that art brings happiness.

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