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With a vision that “seeks to incite a progressive cultural movement around the possibilities of effortless apparel and its function within societies,” comfort, authenticity, and exclusivity with contemporary vibes sewn throughout are at the core of Aeden, making them more than just a brand. The newly formed 2020 brand is a lifestyle that enables you to find your slice of paradise and provides a different state of mind.

Born on Fire – Found in Paradise, the name Aeden means many things now to many people. Aeden is fearless, powerful, and confident. Aeden is growing to become strong and sharp, confident and daring, with a little dose of mystery. Say goodbye to causal streetwear as you know it and introduce yourself to timeless pieces that offer sleek, sophisticated vibes.

Aeden sees everyone’s unique beauty and brings nature a little closer to your mind and body with their earth and natural tones. Combining art, music, and fashion, find timeless casual streetwear options with modern features that are GOTS-certified, free from bleach and other toxic substances.

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